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Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is an exciting year with lots of great opportunities for our children. We have already been on our residential visit to Wales; taken part in an author visit day with Jo Craig; and developed our safety skills in partnership with Rochdale Council by attending the Crucial Crew event at Rochdale Football Ground.

If that wasn't enough, Mrs Cassell and Mrs Donnelly have some more thrilling activities up their sleeves-watch this space.

Year 6 Summer Newsletter

Yearly Maths Overview

The Magnificent Mayans Newsletter

Reading Invitation

Year 6  Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Year 6 Letters

Mrs Cassell

Class 19 Teacher

Mrs Donnelly

Class 18 Teacher

Mr Simpson

Class 18 TA

Mrs Charlton sent out an invitation to Year 6 asking for some master bakers to help her make cakes for 'Dad's, Me and Tea'. The children had to apply in writing. They wrote their best persuasive letters and 5 children were chosen to help. They made Christmas Trees, Cookie Monsters and Reindeers - the smell coming from the 'Great Christmas Bake Off' room was delicious!

Year 6 - Residential trip to Wales

Year 6 Volcano Day.

Last term, Year 6 pupils became Volcanologists! They researched and created active volcano's for their homework project.  Thank you to the parents, who supported their child's learning and were able to attend the exciting afternoon.

Heart Homework Project

As part of the Year 6 topic on the Circulatory System, the children were given a challenge of creating a 3D model of an anatomical heart. Look what a fantastic job they have done!

Class 18 and 19 have been developing their inference skills by looking at objects belonging to various characters. The children had to decide what the objects inside the bags told them about the character and how the characters might be linked.

Some year 6 mathematicians went to a problem solving day at Whittaker Moss Primary School with other children selected form schools across Rochdale. have a look at the problem, can you solve it?

Useful Links

Here is a link to all the Year 6 spelling words:


We have been developing our historical skills this half term, through the topic on the Ancient Maya. We have looked at various stone carvings, found at various sites in Central America, drawing conclusions about what it told us about their beliefs and their lives.

In English, we have written reports on various aspects of The Mayan life. We are now in the midst of writing character descriptions on characters from a story based on The Day of the Dead- a festival which originated from the Mayans. You can watch the film by following this link

 In maths we have been exploring fractions using the bar modelling method. During Discovery Week we have been 'visiting' Guatemala and creating various art pieces also linking this to our topic.

In IT we have been creating our own E-Safety board games. This is enabling us to understand the dangers online and how to access the internet in a safe and responsible manner. In French we have been learning how to pronounce the days of the week and the month of the year.  

Finally, in PE we have been exploring dance and are in the process of choreographing our own. Watch this space to see some clips of our creations.

Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Cassell are so proud of the children’s achievements so far this year.

Recent examples of our work

Curriculum Overview