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Welcome to Year 6

Life in Year 6 is hard work! We’re busy preparing for our end of year assessments. The pressure is really on!

Being in Year 6 certainly does have its demands as well as privileges because we are now at the top of the school so it’s crucial that we set a good example to the other Sandbrook pupils.

We are expected to reach our academic targets. We all want to do well so we work very hard at school.

We enjoy learning about lots of different things and we learn something new every day.

Year 6  Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 6 Autumn 1 Currciulum Newsletter

Year 6 Letters

Miss Sanderson

Class 14 TA

Mrs Cassell

Class 16 Teacher

Miss Chan

Class 16 TA

Miss Brown

Class 18 Teacher

Mrs Finn

Class 18 TA

Mrs Charlton sent out an invitation to Year 6 asking for some master bakers to help her make cakes for 'Dad's, Me and Tea'. The children had to apply in writing. They wrote their best persuasive letters and 5 children were chosen to help. They made Christmas Trees, Cookie Monsters and Reindeers - the smell coming from the 'Great Christmas Bake Off' room was delicious!