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Welcome to year 5.

We promote a stimulating and warm learning environment, where every child matters, and ability is not seen as a barrier to success.

Year 5 Summer Newsletter

Year 5 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 5 Letters

Class 15 had a French tasting experience - we tried Brie cheese, brioche, croissants, pain au chocolate and French lemonade. Only a few people enjoyed the Brie cheese but unsurprisingly the pain au chocolate went down very well!!

During our Science topic 'materials and their properties' Class 15  have carried out several experiments. We tested the strength of different types of paper and here are our photographs of us testing different materials to see which would be the best to make an umbrella. We have learnt about making predictions and what makes a fair test.

Miss Considine

Class 15 Teacher

Mrs Percival

Class 15 TA

During Geography day, Year 5 studied the cause and effects  of Earthquakes. Class 15 made Earthquake proof buildings and tested them out shaking them in a tray full of wobbly jelly!

Big congratulation to Class 15 who were spoilt with a chocolaty afternoon for achieving their attendance target. We had watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory whilst sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream. It was choctastic!

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In maths we have been learning how to turn a fraction into a decimal. We have also been using our fractions knowledge to help us find fractions of amounts using the bar model.


In English, we have been writing explanation texts.


In topic, we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty and how it started in 1600BC and ended in 1046BC. We have started to find out about some of the kings and rulers of China and put them in chronological order.  

Recent examples of our work

Curriculum Overview

Mrs Rigby

Class 17 TA

Mrs Murray

Class 16 Teacher

Mrs Johnson

Class 16 TA

Miss Loker

Class 17 Teacher

Ms Buzer

Class 17 TA