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Welcome to Year 2!

This is an important year in your child's education as your child will sit the government's National SATs . We hope to offer a fun filled curriculum that meets the needs of all children.

Year 2 Summer Newsletter

Year 2 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 2 Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Year 2 Letters

Ms Northey

Class 8 Teacher

Mrs Worrall

Class 7 TA

What the children have to say:

"In Maths we've been chanting our times tables trying to remember them. I also know my number bonds up to 20."

"I've been writing stories.  Mine was about Princess Peach and Prince Dan."

"I like taking it in turns to read during guided reading."

"I liked finding out where I live on a big map."

"We learned about a seaside place in Australia using a map."

 Geography Day - Wildfires

Miss Norcliffe

Class 7 Teacher

Mr Seddon

Class 8 TA

Mrs Carter

Class 8 TA