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Sandbrook Rainbow University

At Sandbrook we have high aspirations for all our pupils. We aim to

We have created a unique University style learning opportunity for all our Y3 & Y4 pupils. The pupils choose the learning modules which they would be most interested in and as a result are motivated to engage.

‘A Passport to Learning’  for each child allows them to collect 'points' and hours of accredited learning. This contributes to the end of term award, encouraging them to access the provision, experience new activities, developing fresh skills and a wide range of new learning opportunities. Staff throughout the Lower Key Stage 2 unit pool their expertise and have the opportunity to work with different children in smaller groups, tailoring the activities to the individual needs of the group.

In the Spring term 2018, 180 children will access the Rainbow University at Sandbrook with 12 members of staff leading the learning modules. These will include:


Dance                            Sport & Fitness                           Craft Activities

Food Technology            Sewing                                        Music

Drama                           Step Aerobics                              Sketch

Team Building                Gardening                                    Art


Children will spend 6 weeks attending the learning modules and building up accredited hours and effort points in their learning passports. Each module carries 30 points. During this period, the maximum amount of points a pupil could receive would be 180 points.

The Rainbow University Awards include :

University Certificate: 120 points

University Diploma: 150 points

University Degree: 180 points

There will be an end of term celebration recognising the pupils’ achievements with an award ceremony attended by parents and staff.

Through participation in fun, high quality learning experiences, we aim to grow inquisitive, confident, independent children and learners. It's about enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all. We want our children to broaden their horizons, direct their own learning and look beyond the traditional classroom environment to develop their skills and talents.